Smart technologies take centre stage for Schäffer at LAMMA

Smart technologies take centre stage for Schäffer at LAMMA

Schäffer returns to LAMMA in 2019 to showcase its latest generation of loaders; machines packed with the latest smart technologies developed for lower fuel consumption, reduced maintenance, increased comfort and eco-friendliness.

Visit the Schäffer stand on 8th and 9th January to explore the 9640 T, 8620 T and 6680 T and see for yourself why they have proved so successful in many different applications. These new generation loaders demonstrate the company’s unrivalled build quality and wealth of bespoke options, as well as a raft of technologies focused on a more efficient conversion of fuel into performance, while increasing driving comfort – all developed to meet customers‘ needs.

The latest functions and features include HTF, or ‘High Traction Force’, which automatically regulates the thrust so the loader can supply the highest possible thrust even in a high gear. HTF uses a new axial piston-bent axis motor that regulates speed automatically depending on the traction. This is particularly useful in an uphill position as the driver does not have to switch to first gear. HTF comes into its own when digging into aggregate material – if more thrust is required, the hydraulic motor adapts automatically, without the driver having to interfere manually, increasing driving comfort and speeding up work.

SPT or ‘Schäffer Power Transmission’ is an electronically regulated drive adapted to the torque of the diesel engine, delivering multiple advantages as operating costs decrease and fuel consumption is reduced. SPT comes as standard on the 6680 T, 8620 T and the machines of the 96 series.

The patented ‘SDCT’, or Schäffer Dual Clutch Transmission, is standard on machines in the 96 series. Two driving modes are available which can be shifted under load. In driving mode two, the loader runs at speeds of up to 40 kph, with all the advantages of a hydrostatic drive. In driving mode one, the loader develops enormous thrust forces thanks to a dual clutch transmission. The patented drive allows most work to be carried out without shifting, and the transmission operates with a high degree of efficiency, so that the fuel is converted into power very economically.

As the name suggests, Eco Mode offers fuel savings and a more environmentally-friendly operation. If conditions permit, the motor speed will reduce automatically while maintaining the same speed. This allows a fuel saving of up to 10%. As well as reduced operating costs, benefits of ECO Mode include lower noise levels. And when higher performance is required again, the electronics automatically switch to the full rotational speed – a smart solution for efficiency and comfort.

Visit Schäffer’s stand at LAMMA – Stand 18.604 Hall 18.